Imagine seeing the taco of your munchy dreams floating across your view, dispensing great tunes and vibes whenever it is stopped, bringing joy to all.

Are you interested in having The Taco Disco come to your event, festival, or gathering? Use our Contact Us page or send an email to tacodisco@<this website address>

We built the Taco Disco on a 2008 Mini Truck base. The base vehicle is obscured by the sides and front of the taco. The back of the vehicle has an 8-foot bed which includes seating for guests. The Taco is equipped with 400w of LEDs: Programmable LEDs along the edge, floodlight to backlight the sides, and a colorful disco ball simulator that creates a dance floor to one side of the taco. There is a DJ table built in, which we can pump into our 2600w of onboard speakers! The Taco Disco also has two “poofer” flame effects in the front- although additional insurance and permitting may apply.

Our Taco does not have any on-board food servicing equipment, but it’s the perfect backdrop for setting up food service next to it. At Burning Man we served tacos next to it, and it works great as a giant sign that says:

Tacos and disco for all!





“At night we can use the vehicle to transport an entire taqueria to serve hot tacos in the deep playa”