Wildstone Summerfest!

July 24th, 2021; 3pm

We're excited to host Wildstone Summerfest! Come early for all the family fun, and/or stay after sunset for the fire effects! Full schedule below.

When: Saturday, July 24th, 2021, starting at 3pm
Where: 2106 SW 122nd Pl. Burien, WA 98146 (Mostly outdoors, in the yard; see map)

Extending invites: Yes, you can extend invites to friends, but only through text or direct message. No online / social media posts.

What to bring:
  • I like to encourage everyone to bring something to share: whether that is a food dish or a beverage, a game or toy, or token gifts to give to people you meet! I don't know what it is- do what inspires you.
  • And of course, don't forget to take care of yourself: A blanket or chair for sitting on the lawn, sunglasses, sun-screen, a jacket for later... you know, channel your inner mom voice here.
  • Bring a great attitude!

Food / Beverages: We'll be aiming to keep burgers and brats going throughout the day- though I'm figuring a good number of you will pick food for the 'bring something to share'. Feel free to bring something to throw on the grill, a side dish, fruit, etc. We'll be buying soft drinks, and we've had a couple people volunteer to bring some kegs of home brew beer- but not sure how long that will last; and again feel free to bring some of your own beverages too.

Parking: Please, no parking on site unless you are loading /unloading, or have a physical disability. Please find street parking in the neighborhood- or if nothing else, there is a huge church parking lot at 116th St & 21st Ave SW.

Overnight accommodation:
  • If you're into tent camping, we have a bit of yard space that you could pitch a tent, especially toward sunset when people would be done playing yard games in back.
  • Airbnb.com is great- and there are a few places near here. 
  • There are a ton of hotels near Seatac airport, just 15 minutes away.

Some Schedule (loose timing- we're not going for breaking ourselves here):
  • Face-painting: daytime until ~6pm
  • Bouncy castle (small kids only!): daytime until ~6pm
  • Yard games: Ladder toss, Disc golf basket, sidewalk chalk, bubbles: all day until sunset!
  • Live Band: GLYF ~5pm
    • Bringing their funky psychedelic space rock sounds from Bellingham, WA; GLYF is sure to get you rockin'!
  • The Shop Lounge opens ~6pm
  • Fire torches, Fire pit lighting: ~8:30pm
  • Live DJ: KURONEKO: ~8:30 or 9pm
    • KURONEKO is a Japanese, black cat, custom helmet, music producer/DJ. With a progressive house sound and positive vibes, his mission is to be a bridge between Japan and the U.S

Map: (click here or the image for full size version)

Non discrimination:

In addition to the standard non-discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion, etc; we'd like to add political affiliation / ideology to the list. There's already too much divisiveness and polarization- let's not add to it.